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Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry

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Public Sittings

The Inquiry held its first Public Sitting in Melbourne on 28 February 2011. At this session, the Panel explained the process for the Inquiry and for making submissions. This was followed by a series of Public Sittings in regional and metropolitan locations as listed below.

Individuals and organisations were invited to make verbal submissions to the Inquiry Panel during the Public Sittings. Those who made written submissions were also offered the opportunity to address the Panel and raise new points in relation to their submissions.

Verbal Submissions

The Inquiry was non-adversarial, forward-looking and focused on finding solutions, not assigning blame or fault. The Terms of Reference directed the Inquiry to examine the system as a whole, and not to consider or make recommendations regarding individuals or review individual organisations.

The Inquiry was not a court of law nor was it an investigative authority to examine individual complaints.

Information provided to the Inquiry was not legally privileged and was subject to the ordinary rules of self-incrimination and of defamation as well as the Information Privacy Act 2000.  The Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 prevented the publication of particulars likely to lead to the identification of a child or a party to a Children’s Court proceeding or a witness to that proceeding.

In some instances text was redacted from the transcript of verbal submissions made at Public Sittings to ensure compliance with the legislation.  Some speakers are referred to by an initial in order to ensure compliance with the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005.

Private details such as personal phone numbers and addresses were redacted from the transcripts to protect the privacy of the individual.

For more information, please refer to the Guide to Making Verbal Submissions (PDF, 26KB).

Date Location Time Notes
28 February 2011  Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf  10:00am-11:00  pdf Transcript of Chair’s Opening Statement (216KB, PDF)
18 May 2011


Geelong Arena,
110 Victoria Street,
North Geelong


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Geelong 18 May 2011 (254KB, PDF)

25 May 2011


Ballarat Bowls Club
Havelock Street,· Ballarat
(City end next to Eastern Oval)


pdfPublic Sitting Transcipt Ballarat 25 May 2011 (164KB, PDF)

1 June 2011


Discovery Science and Technology Centre
7 Railway Place, Bendigo (next to Bendigo Station)


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Bendigo 1 June 2011 (312KB, PDF)

8 June 2011


Morwell Football and Netball Club
Travers Street, Morwell


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Morwell 8 June 2011 (170KB, PDF)

16 June 2011


The Mildura Grand,
Seventh Street, Mildura


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Mildura 16 June 2011 (73KB, PDF)

28 June 2011


Melbourne Town Hall
Swanston Street, Melbourne


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Melbourne 28 June 2011 (657KB, PDF)

30 June 2011


Parklake Hotel
481 Wyndham Street, Shepparton


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Shepparton 30 June 2011 (396KB,PDF)

5 July 2011


Melbourne Town Hall
Swanston Street, Melbourne


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Melbourne 5 July 2011 (733KB, PDF)

7 July 2011


Broadmeadows Town Hall
1079 Pasoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Broadmeadows 7 July 2011 (505KB, PDF)

8 July 2011


Wyndham Civic Centre
45 Princes Highway, Werribee


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Werribee 8 July 2011 (366KB, PDF)

11 July 2011


Chisholm Institute of TAFE
Building W, Cleeland Street, Dandenong
(Enter from Cleeland Street Mel Ref 90 E4)


pdfPublic Sitting Transcript Dandenong 11 July 2011 (521KB, PDF)

15 July 2011


South West TAFE
Timor Steet, Warrnambool


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Warrnambool 15 July 2011 (190KB, PDF)

19 July 2011


Horsham Town Hall
78 Wilson Street, Horsham


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Horsham 19 July 2011 (220KB, PDF)

22 July 2011


Mercure Bairnsdale
355 Main Street, Bairnsdale


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Bairnsdale 22 July 2011  (149KB, PDF)

25 July 2011


Wodonga Institute of TAFE,
158 Lawrence Street, Wodonga


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Wodonga 25 July 2011 (251KB, PDF)

26 July 2011


Campaspe College of Adult Education,
103 – 109 Hare Street, Echuca


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Echuca 26 July 2011 (150KB, PDF)

28 July 2011

Swan Hill

Swan Hill Town Hall
Meeting Room 2, Level 1,
53-57 McCallum Street, Swan Hill


pdf Public Sitting Transcript Swan Hill 28 July 2011 (173KB, PDF)

Media Releases

Extension granted for vulnerable children inquiry

Wednesday 22 September 2011

Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge today announced that, at the Inquiry panel’s request, the reporting date for the Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry has been extended to 27 January 2012.

Child Protection Inquiry hears Submissions in Melbourne

Tuesday 28 June 2011

The Inquiry into child protection has begun holding its metropolitan Public Sittings, with Sittings in Melbourne on 28 June and 5 July as part of its consultations with the community.

Child Protection Inquiry starts Regional Sittings

Wednesday 18 May 2011

The Inquiry into child protection has begun holding Public Sittings across regional Victoria as part of its extensive community consultation, starting in Geelong today.

Child Protection Inquiry calls for Submissions

Monday 28 February 2011

The Inquiry into child protection has invited written submissions and outlined the processes the Inquiry will follow, at its first public meeting in Melbourne today.

Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children
: inquiry launched

Monday 31 January 2011

Premier Ted Baillieu today launched the inquiry Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children to comprehensively investigate systemic problems in Victoria's child protection system and make recommendations to strengthen and improve the protection and support of vulnerable young Victorians.

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